Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bye Bye Mark

Mark Webber is done with F1.

Having walked away from Red Bull, he clearly doesn't care who he aggravates on his way out.  This little joy ride cost him ten places at the next Grand Prix:

Webber's so cool, he hails a F1 Ferrari as a taxi.
...not the ride itself, but the manner in which he hailed it.  And that, mostly because of two other reprimands he has already accumulated this year.

Somehow I get the feeling that this year Webber is finally tired of playing the games he's been playing for his F1 career, and he's either consciously or subconsciously getting back at the whole circus by being disrespectful.

I don't think the rest of the circus feels too badly for Mark Webber -- he's been paid very well to drive a car far better than most of the rest of the grid (if not all of the rest of the grid some years) and been granted the privilege to win with that car on occasion.  It is, frankly, a set of problems that most of the rest of the drivers would love to have.