Monday, December 2, 2013

Ending On A High Note

It is hard to believe, but despite the last half of the year I thought Brazil was a positive race for Ferrari.  Sure, it is merely a 3rd place, and sure, much of that was due to the lottery-like conditions where it seems like everyone else (except the Bulls) prepared for more rain than actually happened, but frankly the last little while has been so dry I'll take it.

Over all though I can't consider this year a step forward.  It started well, but it seems that things took a nose dive after the tire conspiracy and for whatever reason Ferrari didn't rebound as well as other teams did. It didn't help that Red Bull's dominance crystallized at exactly the same time.   Mercedes got their act together enough to take second in the constructor's title as Ferrari let it slip away.

Next year we're back to lottery conditions, what with the new engine rules in play.  We might see some teams less reliable than in recent years, and as long as Ferrari isn't in that group it might make things more interesting.

So although the 2012 car was ugly, it did do better than the 2013 car did.  More proof that looks don't always translate into results.

Tune in after winter testing for the quasi-regular half-assed predictions for 2014.