Tuesday, November 4, 2014


So on Saturday afternoon, I said:

On Saturday I fired up the TV at 1PM to watch the qualifying.  Confusingly to me, only the NBC channels had it on.  Oh well, when in Rome -- so I clicked over to NBC.  After ten minutes or so I figured out that I wasn't actually watching qualifying, but a tape-delayed P3 session from the morning.  Which was interesting, as I have not had much occasion to watch practice over the last many years.

Once 2PM ground around and qualifying actually started, I took a closer interest in what was being presented.  And after ten minutes, I was done with NBC.

During an active, timed session that counted, while cars were on the track, we were "treated" to several minutes of Anthony Edwards and Matt LeBlanc.

Memo to NBC: I don't tune in to F1 qualifying to watch some VIP-row reporter listen to what "Goose" and "Joey" have to say.  I'm barely interested in what Hobbes and Matchett have to say, but at least most of what they talk about is relevant to what is actually happening.

Fortunately, TSN was actually showing the session, so I didn't have to suffer with Entertainment Tonight style programming.