Sunday, May 3, 2009

2010, Part Two

A couple more changes for cap teams, which I read about on
  • more power from the engine
  • a greater range for movable aerodynamics
  • double KERS potential
  • four wheel drive
  • no limits on testing
  • full-scale windtunnel testing
Of these, the most interesting is the four wheel drive. From the linked article above:
For [budget cap] teams, article 9.1 of the technical regulations that states "No transmission system may permit more than two wheels to be driven." has been scrapped from the rulebook.
This means two things: first, that the KERS can now be charged from the brakes on the front of the car, and second, that KERS can probably drive the front wheels by feeding the KERS charge back through the generators.

Of course there a whole whack of difficult problems to solve, not least of which is that the driver will have to contend with front drive that comes and goes. But on the other hand, a car that can feed KERS energy back through the front wheels would potentially have an incredible advantage in the wet...