Thursday, June 4, 2009

Turning the corner?

Raikkonen calls for patience for Ferrari
[...]However, Raikkonen is urging caution in not letting expectations on the team get too carried away - especially since Brawn and Red Bull Racing still appear to have the edge at the front of the field.[...]
He's right, of course.

Also missing from the equation is any mention of Toyota, who I believe will be back towards the sharp end in Turkey.

Behind the all-conquering Brawn cars there is a logjam of potential -- Red Bull, Ferrari, Toyota, and McLaren all have to be seen as possibly "the best of the rest" right now. I'd currently put Red Bull at the head of that pack, but behind them it depends largely on luck and who has the right upgrades for the weekend.

The fact that Ferrari can again be credibly included in such a discussion shows how far they have come since the beginning of the year and says a lot about the team's continuing ability to respond to the changing conditions of the sport.