Monday, May 31, 2010

Farewell to Turkey?

It seems disappointing that a circuit which promotes actual racing is now possibly to be dropped by the series.

Where else have we seen this much actual racing -- in the dry no less?
  • Hamilton and Vettel off the start, and then back again;
  • Button passing Schumacher towards the end of the first lap;
  • Vettel having a go at Webber, even if it ended in tears;
  • Button and Hamilton having a go at each other;
  • Alonso passing Petrov for position.
And that's just the for-points passes.

Button's McLaren may have been up to a second a lap faster than Schumacher's Mercedes, but the point is that he was able to pass instead of being held up.

This circuit shows how a race course should be set up, both to let the cars run and to give them opportunities to pass.

It is too bad that is is out in the middle of nowhere and cannot attract sufficient spectators to make it a viable enterprise. This seems to be putting an end to the event, even though the track itself seems custom-made for actual racing.