Monday, March 26, 2012


A win is a win is a win.

One can be less than charitable, claiming that Ferrari only won because

  • The changable conditions caused a restart, which
  • Made everyone start the restart on wets, but
  • Everyone dove into the pits to get their tires changed, but
  • Button went a lap early, meaning he ended up behind Hamilton and Alonso, and
  • McLaren inexplicably bumbled Hamilton's stop meaning he came out behind Alonso as well
...and while all that may be true, the bottom line is that you have to be fast enough to be present enough to take advantage of both mis-steps.  Even with the Hamilton mis-step, Alonso only came out scant seconds ahead of Hamilton.  And while the Ferrari was clearly faster than the McLaren, I'm not sure Hamilton wouldn't have been able to defend successfully.

That day, those conditions, Alonso and the F2012 were fast enough.  And combined with his results from Australia, Alonso even leads the Drivers' championship.

I'll take it.

I worry for the near future, though -- the F2012 isn't fast enough in qualifying.  Both outings so far suggest that race pace is adequate, at least in Alonso's hands.

Massa again I'm not sure about, he definitely needs better results --immediately -- if he's even going to last the season.  I don't see him being dropped any time soon, but unless things improve there will be someone else in that car come September.

Roll on China.