Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Formula 1 Championship Starts Now

Link to Press Photos of the Ferrari F60 launch. The car is named F60 to celebrate Ferrari's 60 years of involvement with Formula 1.

First impression: not terrible looking, although I'll reserve final judgment until I see TV footage of the car actually running.

Looking at the photos makes me wonder if the press people at Ferrari work out what is the most flattering angle for the official photos of the car. There's just enough offset that the flat front wing is displayed, without showing detail of the upper elements. Similarly, the rear wing is displayed, but the narrowness of it is hidden by the angle.

Hopefully we'll get to see photos of it running today too.

We should get official launches from some other teams in the next couple of weeks, and from there we can start comparing which car is the ugliest of the year.