Tuesday, January 13, 2009

F60 Technical Analysis

I know we're spending a lot of time on Formula 1 right now, but the bottom line is that this is both relevant and far more interesting than Senators hockey at the moment. Don't worry, the parade of mediocrity is due to return shortly.

Back on point: Autosport offers a more detailed technical analysis of the Ferrari F60. Also here is a page of studio-shot photos of the F60.

After spending more time studying the photos, I stand by my initial reaction that the rear wing is what lets the look of the car down. Without a big, wide rear wing, the car just looks like the picture has been taken through some perspective-trick lens or something. I know the small rear wing and restricted front wing are to improve the racing, but the car doesn't look complete at at the back.

But on the other hand... there's just something so right about slick tires on a red F1 car.