Thursday, April 2, 2009


Joe Saward on revisionist history:
Honesty is important, but Formula 1 has never been a world where morality is strong and hanging McLaren out to dry when other teams have done much worse over the years is hardly a positive thing to do.
...unless of course it is Ferrari which is the transgressor, eh? Come on, we all know that if a Ferrari had been in Lewis' place, the press would have been all self-satisfied and full of them-there cheaters need to be put in their place, honesty is an important part of the game!

The fact that the establishment takes great offense to people trying to subvert the process, sometimes greater offense than the original offense being examined, should be news to no one. You have to take your kick in the nuts with the dignity with which it is meted out, regardless of whether or not such punishment was fair.

This isn't about "fairness" or "justice" -- it is about the process.

The argument that because other offenders have gotten away with the same, or worse, offenses should not carry any weight. I have always thought that if you break the law, you are the one who should suffer the consequences. The estabilshment's inability, or unwillingness, to prosecute others for the same offense has no bearing on the situation.

Besides, the best way to uphold a higher standard is to uphold it yourself.