Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nothing, Built on Nothing

Well after that afternoon swim that passed for a Formula One race this morning, there isn't much to say as far as Ferrari is concerned.

The car just obviously is not good enough under these conditions. No points from four starts is not a very good opening for the year and definitely puts Ferrari's quest for the Championships at very serious doubt.

With two races gone, it is too early to nail the coffin on the season, but the team has not even threatened yet this year, and strange tactical decisions (Massa in Australia, Raikkonen in Malaysia) don't seem to be doing any good.

This will be the test of the team. Can they turn it around and become competitive either on the track or in the hearing room?

In previous years, smaller and/or inexperienced teams may have had success early on in the year, but they find themselves unable to keep up with the development that the big teams can continue to do on the car. Brawn/Honda clearly has a huge advantage at this point, having written off 2008 very early in the year, and they are reaping the rewards of that effort now. But can they continue? And more to the point, will they excel next year, having both run a competitive season and had to develop their own car -- all without Honda's deep pockets?

Ferrari and McLaren both have deep pockets -- it will be interesting to see if they can run Brawn down.

But before we see any more action on the track, there's the small matter of the diffuser hearing next week.