Monday, July 16, 2012

A Championship-Affirming Result

Quick thoughts from Britain:

  • Alonso was right after the race -- it is disappointing to run at the front all afternoon only to be passed shortly before the end by a car that's doing better on its tires.  But had things gone the other way -- had Alonso been digging around in third and managed to bag second only laps from the end, we would all be ecstatic.  At the end of the day, Alonso extends his Championship lead over everyone except Webber.  So while a win would have been nice, this result is the sort that can lead to championships.
  • Nice to see Massa have a decent day and end up with fourth.  That makes this weekend the most successful for Ferrari yet this year.
  • Not cool: TSN pre-empted live coverage of F1 for Wimbeldon tennis.
  • Also not cool: the TSN-main channel broadcast the F1 race at 11PM Eastern on Sunday night.
  • So I ended up taping, and watching, the french RDS coverage of both qualifying and the race itself.  Since I'm not french-speaking, it was harder to follow -- although the only thing I was totally lost on was the translations of the itallian Ferrari transmissions.