Monday, July 23, 2012


Alonso was the first to two wins on the year, and it seems somewhat fitting that he is the first to three.

I have to admit I knew the outcome before I started watching.  TSN scheduled the race to be on at 11PM on Sunday night, and there's no way I can stay up to 1AM watching racing if I have to be at work the next day.  However, after carefully ignoring the internet for all of Sunday, I accidentally brought twitter up in the office this morning, and poof -- I knew who won.  Not anything else or how he got there (although since I knew Alonso started on pole I could guess).

It is interesting that in the face of changing conditions on Saturday, Alonso planted his Ferrari on the pole -- and then managed to be competitive on Sunday.  Just like in Britain.  Ferrari must have the car pretty well figured out by now if they can be at or near the front under such bizarre conditions.

In fact, for all the complaining that Ferrari has been doing about this year's car, it has been remarkably reliable, and while it hasn't been the fastest every time out, it has usually been there or there abouts for most of the afternoon.  The result is that Alonso is enjoying the best average finishes and the best reliability of all of the front runners.

Ferrari has been here before -- I seem to recall a period where Schumacher went something like two and a half years without a mechanical failure while driving Ferraris.

So while I'm sure that eventually statistics will catch up to Alonso, I'm enjoying the ride while it hasn't.

What is incredible is that we are only at half distance for the championship and Alonso has a full race win in hand over everyone else.  So even if he does have a bad race or a collision with someone it won't be fatal to his year.