Thursday, March 26, 2009

Australia 2009 Predictions

Ahh, time to put my money where my mouth is. Let's see:
  • Pole: one Brawn; the other will have technical problems and be at or near the back. BMW and Ferrari at the front, then the mid-field. Toyota towards the sharp end of the mid-field, maybe ahead of one Ferrari or BMW. Williams will disappoint. McLaren no better than 11th, and ForceIndia at the back.
  • Winner: BMW or Ferrari.
  • Podium: Two of either BMW or Ferrari, with one of the other. My thinking here is that the Brawn will be fragile; one of the cars will finish in the points.
  • Race happenings: a clean start. One mid-race mid-field collision which will take out two or three mid-field cars. The Safety Car will get deployed, and Safety Car rules will come into play, resulting in a protest by someone. Passing other cars will still be difficult.
For what it's worth.