Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Farewell Montreal eulogizes the Canadian Grand Prix at Montreal.

I have to admit I am not surprised; as in any international "sport", the organization tends to follow the money. And if places like Malaysia and Singapore are willing to pay millions to get an event while the Canadians are not, well the sport follows the money simple enough.

But I am disappointed. I did go to several events in the mid 90s, and more recently went for the Friday practice sessions as I enjoyed the sights, sounds, and smells of the cars once a year. I was home for the rest of the weekend because I felt one got better coverage of the event's portions that count through the TV.

I was hoping take the boys out to a Friday when they got older, so they could share a little bit with their father something that I enjoy.

But all that has passed, for now. Maybe F1 will come back to Canada when the developing nations stall in development... but I honestly don't think so. I think a return to somewhere in the US is far more likely.

As I said, the sport follows the money.