Sunday, March 29, 2009

Australia 2009: Results

Well, I was close but I was way off, wasn't I?
  • A Brawn was on pole, however that was pretty much a gimmie. I was wrong about them being fragile, though, and the second Brawn lined up behind the first. BMW was towards the front, but both Toyota and Ferrari disappointed -- even before the Toyota penalty was taken into account.
  • Winner: I totally missed this one. Button's Brawn ran like a freight train, watch, or other excessively-reliable-cliche.
  • Podium: another miss. Even if Kubica and Vettel had not tangled at the end of the race the way they did, I would still only be one-for-three.
  • Race Happenings: I was wrong on the start, as Barrichello appeared to trigger a multiple-car pile-up behind him and then get off scott free -- but I disagree with Brundle's assertion that Barrichello was at fault; the rules state that if a car is alongside you (which he was, well before the corner) then you can't turn in on him. So that should get categorized as an "unavoidable race contact". There wasn't really any mid-pack mid-race incident, so I missed on that one too. What else? Well the Safety Car really is kind of a gimmie at Australia, isn't it, and Hamilton and Truly managed to get the stewards involved...
Overall the race seemed to show that the cars were more comfortable following one another closely through corners, which is good, and there were a couple of incidents which suggested that the KERS push-to-pass system also made a difference to a couple of passing or defending moments.

The good news from the weekend is that despite the domination of "the diffuser club" in qualifying, BMW and Red Bull seemed able to run with the Brawn, the BMW enough that when the Brawn and Red Bull were forced to run the option tire, it was able to close up the deficit. BMW had a legitimate claim to second today, and possibly first.

The only negative I can put up has to be the unabashed homerism that the BBC announcers show -- seriously, it is almost enough to make me look into getting Speed again just so I don't have to listen to how fucking wonderful Jenson Button is.