Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Deadpool Update: Campos Meta

Campos Meta has acknowledged that they won't have enough money to go testing before the season starts.

Campos likely to sit out all winter tests
Campos is likely to miss all four official group tests prior to Bahrain's 2010 season opener, according to the new Spanish team's head of strategy.

"Bahrain is a test, it's not a first race for us," Daniel Eisen is quoted as saying by the Associated Press.
This handicaps the team from a development perspective -- all the other teams who do testing will be that much further ahead when the season starts. Of course this pre-supposes that there will be money to do development as the year progresses. This now starts to sound highly unlikely.

Whatever other consequences this has, it certainly won't help Bruno Senna, who now won't drive the car until the first session at Bahrain. If I were Senna, I'd start to wonder about who I'd signed with for 2010.