Thursday, January 28, 2010

F10 Launch: The 2010 Season Starts Now

Behold, the Ferrari F10:

The car overall looks like an evolution of last year's F60. I see that the upper surface of the sidepods has been changed, and the car has a nose more inspired by the successful Red Bull from last year, both in extra length and upper kink shape. The underside of the sidepod is lifted away from the floor a little more deeply than last year, which is also interesting. And there is the predictable evolution of the front wing, which shows the understanding that the team has after last year's experiences.

But really, for all the hand-wringing over aerodynamic mistakes that the team went through last year, this car isn't a significant departure from 2009.

The impact of this year's visual differences can be seen on this page at F1Fanatic, which compares the F10 to last year's F60. Click through, then click on the comparison images -- then maximize your browser for high-resolution Ferrari goodness.

Look at the side profile of the F10, on the rear wing. The car now sports the name Ferrari for the first time in a long time, instead of only the crest. The car also features the red white and green of the Italian flag. A little nationalistic boosterism never hurt anyone, heh?

Maybe it is the fact that we've been watching these cars for a year already, but I feel better about the way this car looks than I did about the F60 at launch time. The rear wings still look ridiculously small, but such is life in F1 these days. Certainly the fact that the F60 won last year helps.

Launches will come fast and furious over the next little while as the teams gear up for the winter testing season.