Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Campos, USF1 to merge? has an article detailing the woes of Campos Meta. It includes speculation that USF1 might merge with Campos:
According to the magazine, US F1 investor Chad Hurley isn't happy with the progress the by Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor managed American team has sofar made, and has decided to pull the plug and has stopped his financial support. Hurley is now considering to help Campos-Meta by paying the Dallara and Cosworth bills and merging US F1 and Campos-Meta into one team. Which would open the door for the Serbian Stefan Formula One team, they could take over the thirteenth and last slot for 2010.
This makes sense on paper -- Campos has a car in Dalara, but no money. The money behind USF1 is unhappy with the progress, so they effectively have no car. Putting USF1's money together with Campos' Dalara car just might get a combined organization -- probably mostly USF1 staff, since they've been actually doing things with cars for the past little while -- to a grid sometime this year.

The stories of USF1's impending demise have come more frequently in the recent days, and the silence from the team itself doesn't do them any favors as far as viability goes. I am still stunned that Peter Windsor of all people apparently couldn't get his ducks lined up properly. Especially considering that USF1 was announced over a year ago, they had a substantial head start on everyone else and to come up short does nothing positive for them.

I know that in this media-driven business it could all be nothing, everyone merely reporting on everyone else's speculation, but by my watch there is less than a month to go before Bahrain. If USF1 is going to be a legitimate team they need to get something going, and quickly. If they are going to be merged with Campos, that needs to get going quickly too. Time is definitely not on their side any more.

This also doesn't do many favors for the FIA's expansion of F1, if two of the four teams picked as new entrants can't cut it right from the beginning...