Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Virgin Launches

Well now THAT's a strange looking car.

The most obvious difference is the relatively low nose compared to the high, elevated nose that everyone else is favoring. It also looks narrow and it rises very slowly --- almost spoonishly -- back to the Red Bull kink.

Further back, this car has the high sidepod inlets that the Brawn had last year along with radical drops in the sidepod tops very similar to the 2010 McLaren (although I think McLaren's drops deeper).

There's no barge-board, but the side fins are interesting, sculpted into the gap that the pinched inlets leave.

The car will be powered by Cosworth, and is notable in that it is the first modern car to be designed completely by Computational Fluid Dynamics rather than mixing CFD with models in a wind tunnel. Virgin doesn't have a wind tunnel at all, touting this as necessary in the modern, cost-constrained world of Formula 1.

It will be really interesting to see this car run.