Monday, February 1, 2010

Valencia Test 2010: Day 1

More launches:
  • Mercedes W01: The descendant of last year's title winner gets extra length, a Red Bull style kinked nose, and a conservative shark fin.
  • Williams FW32: Williams didn't seem to do a 'proper' unveiling, more of just turning up and running the car as if it was just another day so the photos are a bit lacking -- Autosport's spy-shot from yesterday shows a much more detailed profile. Another high nose, although this one has a little T-bar near the upper point. Less pronounced (as in practically absent) nose kink than some other offerings. There's something interesting going on at the bottom of the leading edge of the sidepods -- but I can't see if there are any barge-boards there.
  • Toro Rosso STR5: Turns out that those manufacturing facilities put in last year were to validate Toro Rosso as a proper constructor. Still it is interesting that Toro Rosso broke cover before their parent team Red Bull. Pronounced nose-kink; weird front wing connectors similar to those we saw on the BMW-Sauber yesterday. Full shark fin. You can really see the extra bulk behind the cockpit in this car that is hidden in others.
Miscelanious meaningless notes for day one testing:
  • Ferrari finishes the day with the fastest time, Massa behind the wheel.
  • Schumacher was faster than Rosberg.