Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Really Weird

Stefan GP is going to Bahrain, entry or no entry:
Stefan Grand Prix writes history! SGP becomes the first team in F1 history who did send a 40 foot container full of equipment to the race in Bahrain without having entry for 2010 season!
I can't decide if this is heroically ballsy or absurdly stupid... although I'm leaning towards the latter.

Also for the 'weird' file: I read somewhere that new teams might be permitted to miss up to three events this year without penalty, but I can't find the link for that.

Update: JA on F1:
Meanwhile it appears that the proposal for new teams to be allowed to have three ‘no-shows’ at Grands Prix has now been agreed. It appears that these can be taken at any time so it is theoretically possible for a new team to miss the first three races of the season an start at Shanghai on April 18th.
JA also talks about Campos' difficulties -- Ferrari is thought to be blocking the sale of the team to another party, and either the buyer or the seller owes Ferrari a chunk of money...